A working mums 1 minute

My one minute… may be your one minute!


This is the home a working mum. An aspiring chef. A lover of brands and experiential marketing. A little girl on the look out for beauty, beautiful things and magical experiences. A soul who’s greatest joy is to give back and bless other’s with gifts that leave them feeling as special as they are.

The is the home of a marketing & client experience executive. The home of a communicator. The home of a coach. The home of a mentor. The home of a strategist. The home of a wealth builder. The home of a giver.

If you don’t feel at home, then perhaps this isn’t where you want to be?

My desire is to give back to the world I live in through these words, thoughts, ideas, experiences and learnt wisdom.

While I’m a working professional and a working mum – I’m also working to positively impact the world I live in by donating my free time not only to my loved ones, but to the ones I will come to love through this channel and the connection we make through the advice and perspectives you seek from me.

While I have a voice and an opinion – it is just that. This is a judgement-free space. I welcome your thoughts, opinions and lessons you wish to share with me.

While I live to give, I also live to learn. Learn from my experiences. But also to learn from you.

May this minute be worth your while!


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