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#brandiva Paying It Forward!

Find. Guide. Develop. Experience. It’s all about the magic you (will)make!

#brandiva has a mission to find, share, guide, mentor and help entrepreneurs develop memorable client experiences through strategic and impactful marketing and communications so that the business they have started ages well, has longevity and the power to transform nations. I’ll help you figure out if the client experience you have is ready to make magic for the consumer’s you’re hoping to target. There is no cost, it’s my gift to you and my commitment to making the country I serve a prosperous one. Email me if you would like my support.

#brandiva #ilovethisbrand is about the journey to discover brands that resonate with me, my life and the network within which I am a part of. And if you’re reading this – it includes you too! It’s an experience I want to share with you! It’s about the journey of experiencing products and services that have a memorable and long lasting impact, the art of experiential marketing and what I am made to “feel” for it/them/him/her.

It? Them? Him? Her? Huh?

I see and experience brands in the same way that I meet and experience people and my relationships with them. I also give them as much credit and enthusiasm as I do my loved ones – I’m very happy to put other’s front and centre especially when there is a benefit for you, my reader, my community.

The Human Brand Theory?

There are a number of ways one can research, workshop, develop, present and articulate a brand’s strategy, but the one that most resonates with me is The Human Brand Theory. While this starts out as your “traditional” slide deck and also ends off with a beautiful and succinct one pager – the twist is that it enables you to create magic by introducing you to a human being – depending on where you are in your journey will determine the “age” of your child. This approach creates a powerful compass for marketing teams within a business to truly own, articulate and create impacts to the bottom line knowing which direction is North!

With this approach, marketing and creative innovations become deeply personal, you want to see your child succeed and in doing so, want to do and be everything for him or her. It was in this approach that I developed a love and a passion for developing creative work from concept through to art direction, copy and script writing, voice overs, directing, editing and creating events and experiences that leave your jaw on the floor.

When I experience brands I think of everything it takes to create that magic…It’s hard work! #brandiva is my recognition of the individuals who’s passion it is to create beautiful work, memorable experiences and visual masterpieces. It’s also a Thank You and a well done from one consumer to the team of magicians!

I had the pleasure of working with creative genius, Glynn Venter, owner of Haas Collective and Andre Le Roux, Executive Director at Red Team Intelligence and owner of Mercury 1 Strategic Consultancy in developing a strategy using the Human Brand Theory approach. We birthed an amazing child, with an emotive story that impacted culture in all the right ways to ensure that it didn’t eat strategy for breakfast. Using this approach we exponentially raised a stellar performer and a brand I am very proud of. I’m a firm believer in this approach and apply it’s thinking as a consumer in how I absorb, engage and interact with brands and experiential marketing.

If it doesn’t make me feel something then you won’t hear about it from me! And if it hasn’t reach me – it’s not looking for me!

I see brands not only as products or services, but as an extension of a human being – the founders or the people from within who make the brand what it is.

It is for this reason that I am so passionate. It keeps me awake at night. It keeps me inspired. I love a good story. I adore a great experience. But most of all – when the two come together to give me a memorable sensation – that is when I share and tag #brandiva and #ilovethisbrand.

Consider this my gift to you, my community.

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