I haven’t changed my skincare products in over 16 years… simply because I don’t believe in fixing what’s not broken! I have suffered with problematic skin since I was a teenager and prone to regular breakouts. Very little makes me feel as insecure as when I have a breakout or my foundation is finished and I have to leave the house with my face completely exposed, vulnerable and looking ‘sick’.

Several months ago I started working at Amway as their head of sales and marketing. I have always been a firm believer to consume what I market so I can speak from experience. It took me a few months and several empty bottles to open up my samples and since then I have been able to wear my skin! I have been pleasantly surprised at the compliments I have been receiving from complete strangers about how lovely my skin is… This is certainly a product that I am proud to endorse, a range that suits my skin and lets me be me.

Amway Southern Africa will launch the new Essentials by Artistry Skincare range on 2nd September 2017 at an EXCLUSIVE event in Johannesburg at the Amway Business Centre in Longmeadow, Johannesburg. Artistry is the world’s number #1 direct selling premium beauty brand* and is among the top ten, largest selling, premium beauty brands**. Vusi Thembekwayo will partner with Amway to launch the new skincare range. He is passionate about giving people tools to create wealth! Amway have partnered with Vusi to launch the new skincare range, a tool for millions of South African’s to create their own wealth!

Essentials by Artistry Logo

Young skin can be unpredictable. Some days it behaves and is under control. Other days, it’s oily and blemishes stand out. Artistry has introduced essentials by Artistry™, a three-step collection that simplifies skincare with easy-to-use products for cleansing and moisturizing skin, while controlling oil and reducing shine. The oil-free formulas contain naturally derived, high-quality ingredients, to keep skin balanced and fresh all day.

Almost everyone, at some point in their lifetime, experiences blemishes and dry skin. The primary skin contributors to blemishes are excessive oil production, dead skin buildup, and the spread of bacteria. Dry skin occurs when the outermost layer of the skin does not hold in water, leading to potential redness, scaling, and discomfort. The new essentials by Artistry™ skincare routine aids in improving these common skin concerns by balancing hydration and oil for fresh, clear skin.

The botanically infused collection includes:

·      Gel Cleanser – a gentle, water-based, oil-free foaming gel that deeply and effectively cleanses skin and removes makeup, impurities, and excess oils to help produce a fresher, clearer-looking complexion. The essentials by Artistry™ Gel Cleanser cleanses and tones in one simple step and features cucumber to help calm and soothe skin, leaving it fresh, soft, and pH balanced.

·      Light Lotion – Featuring calming and soothing chamomile, a water-light, oil-free lotion that lightly hydrates and balances surface oil to control shine. The essentials by Artistry™ Light Lotion provides environmental protection with antioxidants to fight off free radicals from pollution, environmental assaults, and UV light that can cause the appearance of skin damage.

·      Makeup Removing Wipes – Convenient, disposable cleansing cloths gently remove heavy, long-wearing makeup and pore clogging impurities easily and quickly. The non-stripping formula includes vitamin E which helps to leave the skin conditioned without leaving an oily residue.

“The collection was created to simplify skincare for young users and help them learn the basics of a good skincare routine,” said Penny Anderson, Amway Skincare Research Scientist. “The products were designed to feature natural soothing and calming ingredients ideal for sensitive skin while helping to control oil. Introducing a morning and evening skincare routine can help keep skin looking fresh and prevent future breakouts by removing impurities, pore-clogging dirt, and excess oil without stripping skin of essential moisture.”

essentials by Artistry™ products are allergy and dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic, and free of dyes, synthetic colorants, sulfates and phthalates. Products are mild and gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. The scent is a naturally inspired blend of oriental, herbal, fruity, and citrus notes that’s invigorating, lighthearted, and refreshing.

The essentials by Artistry™ collection is available beginning in September 2017 in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Artistry™ products are sold exclusively through a network of millions of Amway™ Business Owners worldwide. For more information, visit Amway.co.za or contact us on 0800 203 772.

About Artistry™

Artistry™ is ranked among the world’s top ten, largest-selling premium skincare brands*. Founded in 1958 by an entrepreneurial husband and wife team, the Artistry™ portfolio features advanced skincare developed with new technologies and proprietary plant ingredients, targeting both the biological and environmental signs of aging for men and women, along with classic and seasonal color collections for face, eyes and lips. Exclusive formulations reflect the global research, development and quality assurance conducted by a network of more than 900 scientists and directed by a board of scientific and academic advisors who work together to push the boundaries of beauty forward. Artistry™ products are sold through more than three million Amway Business Owners in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide.

*Source Euromonitor International Limited. Beauty and Personal Care 2016 edition, Premium Beauty and Personal Care category, retail value sales, UBN, 2015 data. **Source Euromonitor International Limited. Beauty and Personal Care 2017, Premium Beauty and Personal Care category, global 2016 value RSP.