He was born eight years ago to a human being who was far from perfect. She had a dream. He was her dream. She had a desire to be perfect. She was far from it. Yet despite all of this… God blessed her, made her dream come true.

At just after 5pm my first son was born. He was a dream come true. You will always be my dream come true. Nothing and no one will ever change that.

Thank you Patrick for being the son and gentleman that you are. You have made me a very proud woman who has accepted the fact that she is not perfect, but perfect for you. You have reminded me that while I try to be the perfect mom, you prefer me as I am.

So my wonderful husband and I, together with our wonderful Sasha-Lee planned an inspired birthday party thanks to my #BFF Lisa Meiring at the Discovery Soccer Park this week. With XS Sports nutrition and Nutrilite in hand, we had the energy in our highly stressed lives to make yet another dream come true. Kitted out in perfectly manicured skin thanks to G&H and Artistry, we presented our best selves for what was to be our perfect family gathering, captured in pictures which I will share with you soon.

We enjoyed a chilly Johannesburg, South African morning with snow temperatures together with family and a network of colleagues and friends to celebrate the life and times of my precious baby boy who made me a mother.

I had prepared a lengthy speech together with my little five year old Molly and my birthday Boy, but alas when the time came I was instructed by him to keep it short and sweet. There was a pressing matter at hand… eating the delicious Cookies & Cream cake from Chateau Gateau! So while I was instructed to deliver the executive summary, this is what I wanted to share – meant to share – for the world to hear – because you're THAT special my son!

Patrick and I also managed to convince my father, our public speaking mentor, Keith Ashen, to deliver a speech inspired by my grandmother called Ouma Pigeon. We live to honor her name and my father did his mother proud. I will share this via YouTube and Facebook. May you be as inspired to share and declare your love for your loved ones as my father did, off the cuff with more emotion than words could ever describe.

I am truly grateful and appreciative for the special memory that together we were able to create with for our big boy Patrick. And to think once upon a time I thought he was the worst father… today I honour and celebrate with my father and ask God to forgive me for ever thinking less than what he was! He did his best and he did an amazing job. My parents were the best! You truly appreciate the value and influence your parents have in your life when you become one yourself! You're my hero my Papa, forever and ever my daddy! Thank you for the many gifts and talents you birthed in me and in our son Patrick! You're a visionary leader, an amazing mentor and a businessman and board member that inspires us all to work hard, with integrity and to deliver what has been asked of you.

Below is the full speech of what was delivered in executive summary at his birthday party!

On behalf of Patrick I'd like to welcome everyone here today as we celebrate the day he was born and the life he lives. 


Bathrooms are out and around the corner. 

Food and drink please help yourself. Sasha-Lee, the latest addition to our family, our Au Pair who also has an eventing company and a list of contacts has been really wonderful in helping to make this day extra special for us all. Thank you so much. Our very own Anna or Is it Elsa only there is nothing frozen or cold about your heart – only warmth, love, generosity and kindness. I hope you take the time in between keeping an eye on marvelous Molly to have a few conversations with our family and friends. They are all such wonderful people, incredibly inspiring and like you each a blessing in our lives. Feel free to receive! 

Today we celebrate and honour your life my son. We celebrate the joy you bring into our lives and we take out some time this morning to focus on you, give you attention that you so richly deserve and party with you like we know you love to. 

Almost 8 years ago around about this time I was in the longest Labour of my life. Molly couldn't wait and it was in minutes that she delivered herself for those of you who don't know. Reflecting on that moment today reminds me of the verse in the Bible from John 16:21

“It will be like a woman suffering the pains of labor. When her child is born, her anguish gives way to joy because she has brought a new baby into the world.”

‭‭John‬ ‭16:21‬ ‭

Patrick you have blessed our lives with a happiness and a joy that reminds us every day to be thankful. You are a dream come true for Daddy and I and for everyone here in this room. 

Your love of God. Your maturity. Your love for prayer and the honour and thanks you give to God everyday for the blessings in your life are characteristics that make me so proud of you.

I know sometimes it's hard for you when you keep having to go the extra mile for your friends and family and sometimes you feel like you're the only one giving. Well today is your turn to receive. This day, all these people here and the gifts you will receive are all from God. 

What does mummy always say and what is our verse from the Bible:

“Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. ”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:38‬ ‭

This birthday party is your gift from God. Today God is saying to you well done my son. I am proud of you. 

He is saying Thank you for being faithful, for keeping your eyes on me and always trying to do what is right and what I teach you. Today God is saying I have focused on the fact that you are always trying. Not that you are always right but that you always try. God is saying thank you for always apologizing when you  hurt those you love, he knows in your heart that you want your loved ones to be happy and that that is the desire of your heart. 

I asked God today for the wisdom and the words to pray over your life so that today would be a memory you forever cherish and remember. I recall at Keagan birthday last Christmas that you were so impressed with Uncle Sean's speech and the faithful future he blessed over our wonderful cousin. You can have your moment too my son. We're a family who loves, even those who don't have the same blood. Patrick considers you all his family, he said me last night that his buddy Blake and Mta are his cousins to. Yes, I feel the same about aunty Lusanda and Aunty Lisa.

So God gave me these words to give to you on your birthday. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11-13‬ ‭

"May he grant your heart’s desires and make all your plans succeed.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭20:4

So from everyone here Patrick, Happy birthday. You are destined for great things. You're going to make this world a better place. You're going to teach many generations about the desires of your heart, you're going to lead nations into peace and be a soldier of love and kindness. You're going to have that Ferrari and buy cars for others. You're going to have all your dreams come true just like God made mine come true. 

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for your life and the day you were born. You are my pride and joy. Thank you for loving us like you do. Thank you for all the hugs and kisses you shower us with in abundance. Thank you for making us laugh and reminding us what life is all about. To cherish the moments we have together, to be present, to be here and to love with all you got in these moments because these are also gifts to cherish that we can never get back. 

Thank you every one for coming. Patrick wanted to have you all here because like his mother and father – he loves to have a party, loves being around his family and friends and loves to celebrate his birthday. 

Today is also my cousin Sean's birthday. There are quite a few Leo's in my family. But I also just want to take the time to say a few words about this incredible man who is in my life. 

Firstly, thank you. Thank you for being a role model, a true influencer in our lives. Thank you for always inspiring us to work harder, to be committed and have focused determination. I am so proud of you. I like to brag about my amazing engineering cousin. Having a phone conversation with this man on the way to work is more soulful than listening to Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen. Sean has a love for God that is so inspiring. He has an unconditional love for his family that Honours the life of our late grandfather Oupa Sid and our grandmother Ouma Pigeon. I'm sure your folks are super proud, they did a great job my aunty blanch and uncle Ralph! 

My cuz, I am so proud of you. I'll speak on behalf of the family and say that we think you are great. You're doing great things already, but brace yourself for even more greatness because a man after Gods heart like yours will only receive continued blessings in abundance! Happy birthday Sean! 

I'd like to ask a mutual friend, Aunty Kim if she would please bless our birthday boys Patrick and Sean in prayer. Kim was introduced into our life 2/3 years ago at Sam and Rowan's wedding and we have developed a spiritual bond and friendship that words can't describe. The same can be said for Aunty Melia and Uncle Dorian, Uncle Gary, Rikki, Thabi and my former Neighbour Lusanda. These are just some of the friendships that have blossomed at a family function like Patrick's birthday. My wish is that you meet someone here today or discover a friendship and a love that will be something you cherish like We do all of you. 

Over to you Pastor Kim. 

And then delivered a prayer second to none! A prayer you all wish you had prayed over your own life! To my Mama! You gave birth to all of this, your life is one that I will forever cherish the reason why you are the featured image! My son and I would not be here were is not for you and the pain you endured to grow and develop me into the woman and mother I am today!

Amen. Amen. And Amen!