Before you know it… the week has passed, the month has passed and you didn’t get to do all your heart needed you to do. 

We’re living at a time and in a world that demands us to be conscious to the moments, the power of now!

This past month has been a series of reminders from horrific terror attacks to my own personal accidents that has left me wide awake, eyes wide open and deeply reflective. 

My hope and prayer is that those who read and follow my blog don’t get given news or have a tragic accident that knee jerks them, You, back to the present moment to experience the power of now. 

Be wide awake to your life. Enjoy it. Savour every moment. Experience it with all your senses and don’t take for granted that you have some if not all of them! 

To those I have neglected – I feel it too and I’m sorry, but my headspace and my heart have been torn a part. Our time will come and when it does it will be an afternoon and hours of love and laughter as we always do! 

For those I don’t know who feel the same – you’re not alone and remember how much you are loved. Seek affirmation, comfort and solace not in people and things but in your holy Father. 

#brandiva Be alive to your life! 

This picture perfectly captures the power of now amidst chaos and heartache, there is always a precious moment waiting to be had!