Regent Insurance #highwayheroes moves the heart & soul of our country in more ways than one yet again! By helping truck drivers live better lives, this great initiative lead by an amazing leadership team not only cares for those carrying our nation, but rewards them for keeping our roads safer and bringing us our needs and wants. I’m sure this video series is going to continue to inspire and encourage us to think twice before getting irritated with these self sacrificing individuals. Thanks Paul Dangerfield, Wayne Rautenbach,  Sherril Rankin and Gary Meyer for leading this continually inspiring story! A touching video and a great thought to end and start ones day off right!

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Highway Heroes Video Series – Episode 1: The Reveal

The Regent team surprised Lawrence Matavire with his very own branded trailers to celebrate the 2016 victory and his reaction was priceless.

Entries to the 2017 Highway Heroes Competition open’s on the 1st May 2017.
Watch the video! 

Highway Heroes 2016 Truck Reveal