The past several months have been an incredible rollercoaster ride that meant I needed a time out. 

And a few weeks at the ocean! #shotleft 

South Africa has the most beautiful beach holiday destinations that have left me feeling blessed, rejuvenated and well rested at the half way mark of my first “mental” holiday in ten years!!

I see why there is a need for a sabbatical!

Almost 70km of beachfront running. Sea breeze infused wine from the Hemel en Aarde valley. Fresh fish! My mother’s cooking!! My father’s playlist. My husband and children. Thankfully this all silenced the political noise flooding social and television media apps on my phone. Some of them were appropriately relocated and some deleted. 

A few notes…feels more like New Years resolutions though… 

1. I’m a beach bunny!  I need to stay at the ocean at least once a year!

2. I can’t work after hours more than working hours. 

3. I need alone time every day to keep and maintain my focus and discipline.

4. I love being a kid and playing with my kids. I’m going to do it more! 

5. Social media is not inspiring me right now… I’d rather search for particular content/themes/people and choose what I absorb as opposed to reading all the feeds on the channels I have apps for. 

Off to the next destination… new views!