It’s my husband’s birthday.

Usually he says I don’t make a fuss about his birthday, we have our annual argument the day before, he forgets about prior celebrations I have organized and I try my best to make it memorable. I hope I get it right this year!

Darling. You mean the world to me. I married you because you are the man of my dreams. You were then, you are now.

This will be the thirteenth time I celebrate your birthday and shower you with love, gifts and affection. I’m sorry all your past birthdays were forgettable. I hope that this year they will be extra special and that you will know just how much you mean to me.

You’ve had a tough eighteen months and despite it all, you remained close by my side through my own difficulties. I love that about you. Thank you! You are my David!! That it is your second name and that we were both blessed with a grandfather called David are more messages from our Almighty God that we are destined to spend our lives together.

You make me laugh with your silly jokes and make me question why I care less when you care so much. Thank you for always being my voice of reason, my Mr. Right and the best father our children could have ever asked for. You’re not perfect, neither am I… But we’re perfect for each other!

So perhaps it’s time I come clean as to why I married you.

You can fix just about anything, from cars to plumbing, electrical anything and can build me the house of my dreams with your own two hands. Not many woman can say that. Using a drill and a set of power tools is a walk in the park for you. The stuff you build and fix actually works and lasts. You’ve saved me a fortune in service providers and do it much better than they do – plus I get to sleep with your intelligence, skill and passion for helping others especially those you love.

I married you because I can depend on you. You can do stuff other men can’t. You can rescue me without needing to call service providers! Your hands heal my wounded soul. I didn’t just marry you for your good looks and inheritance! I married you because of all the value added benefits that come with being your wife!

There. I said it!

They say a daughter marries a man like her a father. You’re so much like my father, but even more and I thank God for you every day.

You’re sensitive. You like to talk. You want to talk.

You can cook. While you don’t always like it, you do it for me… whenever I ask… to show your care, love and support. Thank you.

You hate cleaning. I know you do. But it makes me happy too. So please do it some more!

I’m excited about our journey. I’m excited to walk this road with you as we achieve our milestones and make our dreams a reality. God has some incredible experiences lined up for us and I know that we are going to keep him at the centre of all we do and the life we build so that together we can make this world a better place for our children.

Thank you for keeping me warm in the winter nights, it’s my favorite time of the year with you. Thank you for our children and for making so many of my dreams come true. Your life is a celebration of peace, love and tenderness. Your birth is a celebration of laughter, friendship and care. Today I celebrate my gift, YOU!

“Kiss me and kiss me again, for your love is sweeter than wine.” Song of Songs 1:2