My little girl celebrates her birthday today. Today means so much to me because while I celebrate her birth, I also celebrate what it means to be a woman. 

My daughter came into this world because of her tenacity and determination. She came three weeks early weighing in at over 3.7kg! No drugs, no physical help from medical professionals to get her out – she pushed her way out and into this world with her own strength. I’ll never forget being wheeled through the hospital doors as I watch her slide into this world on an ‘amblience’ stretcher. Netcare – thank you!! 

It is my favorite story to share and my favorite story to remember. I have quite a few favorites when it comes to my children. They are walking, living, breathing examples of how God makes dreams come true.

My angel, I can tell you’re going to finish what I start in my lifetime. You’re going to do it better than me. You’re going to keep shining like you did the day you were born. Don’t be surprised if people call you Ms Independent! Don’t be surprised if they find you amazing. Expect to win in life because wherever you go and whatever you do – you’re going to impact people as much as you have mine! I love you more than words could ever express and pray that your life is rich ‘n full of blessings, unconditional love and happiness in abundance!!

Happy birthday My Angel!!