18 years ago I was a waitress. I didn’t realise what it would would teach and what I would come to know and be grateful for. God is full of surprises. He gives us experiences in life that sometimes take us up to two decades to learn from. How could I ever thank you my wonderful Father?! 
You not only blessed me with life, but you blessed me with joy, inner peace, love and friendship in abundance as well as a family that isn’t just through blood but through your word. 

Being a waitress has taught me so much. As I reflect I think on the lessons I have learnt and the experiences I have had I feel truly blessed. I was once Pieter Dirk Uys’ favorite waitress at Cafe Bardelli in Cape Town at Long Kloof Studios and he was by far my favorite client to serve. Not because he gave the best tips, but because he cared enough to smile and say thank you. Sometimes the kitchen was slow and sometimes I couldn’t always give him the service he so richly deserved. I was dependent on so much in order to exceed his expectations. But time and time and again he smiled, he laughed and treated me with kindness. Thank you Pieter Dirk Uys for the impact you made on my life! 

This experience was the bedrock of who I am today and how I live my life. Who would have thought? It taught me to serve, to care, to go above and beyond and that giving was so much better than to receive. It taught me that in giving you receive and that when you do so in abundance you live a life worth loving. 

Servant leadership is an admirable trait. One I admire and one I strive to embody and a legacy I would be proud to leave behind. The words “Thank you” is so much more rewarding when you give than when you receive. 

As I reflect back on the past ten days I am awestruck. I’ve been struggling for the words… to put pen to paper… and these past challenging few days has ended with the inspiration of friends, my husband and children! I am left with a bucket full of lessons that leave me feeling wiser than I did a week ago. 

Today I was a waitress. I was a chef. I was a friend. I was a mother. I was a sister. I was a friend. And in every minute of this day I was filled with the most amazing admiration for the life of those who blessed my home. 

I was blessed to have met and fallen in love with a man who feels like me, loves like me, lives like me and cares like me. When you have the love and support of like minded people in your life – anything is possible! Today was a lesson about servant leadership. Let this lesson sink deep in your soul only because you don’t have to wait 20 years to get it, but that if you’re silent for long enough and take a look around – you too can feel the joy and peace that overflows in every area of your life. 

Proverbs 31. My inspiration. My benchmark. My ultimate goal in this life. 

I have much respect for those who serve, those who lead and wake up every morning to do it over and over again. Whatever your job title, whatever your life’s journey – don’t underestimate the power that is within you to spread love. When you do, your reward is love! And what greater gift is there than the gift of love. 

May your week be blessed. May you find time to serve. May the will to give overpower you and may the desires of your heart be to make this world a better place through your words, actions and the choices that lead your life.

This weekend I have consumed the word through Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. They live to teach us, heal us, inspire us and support our efforts to becoming all that God meant for us. Thank you for the lessons you teach us through your words of wisdom. 

Thank you to everyone who is a name in my history books. It is because of you and through you that I am who I am today. And for that… I am eternally grateful!! 

My husband and my children inspire me everyday to be a better person and it is this inspiration that will be at the core of what I build my legacy on. 

What inspires you? #brandiva #evita #pieterdirkuys #iamhappy #seemehappy