Ever felt like there are not enough hours to do the things you want to do, need to do and be present while doing it? 

My world since my last post has been focused on my lengthy to do list, doing it well, being present and happy while doing it all.

Meditation has been my saving grace. My faith has been my bedrock to persevere. And the books I’m consuming continue to provide me with great insight that challenges my approach and thought on most things these days. 

I get a sense the world and its people are just as busy and consumed with their to do list… so it makes me wonder when it’s time just to relax, sit back and have a laugh and then the frequency thereof? What’s acceptable these days? Feels like the world and its views on this are changing… 

Daily for a few minutes? Weekly for a few hours? Trying to test and figure out what my formula is… I wonder what the world is doing and giving to themselves and if in fact we do have enough time it’s just how we use it!