10% Happier by Dan Harris was recently recommended to me by a well known thought leader and after reading it I understand why the book was recommended and why this thought leader will continue to influence generations still to come.

It might not sound like much, but being 10% happier has a significant impact on your ability to thrive and execute the life you want to live.

The book reads like a casual conversation with a friend you love and adore, an autobiography well written that documents his career and life experiences of self help books and gurus that I too have exposed myself to over the years. His personal journey is honestly expressed and plants seeds of thought and introspection for the reader. It helped me to move mountains, dig deep in the volcanic ash of my memories and clear out cobwebs that had developed distorted views of reality. My unconscious  mind has been woken up to beauty of a conscious life and a conscious world lead by mindfulness. 

As great as being fit is – I suspect the new global trend to hit us all is mind training, mind fitness and mindfulness. If more people practiced this and exercised this – I think the world would be a better, safer and happier place to be. 

Compassionate. Adoring. Gift giving. Caring. Generous. Unconditional. Honest. Real. Uplifting. Energized. PeaceFULL. This is how I would describe the world and the masses who live in it if we all practiced fitness in this area of our lives. It’s what all the gurus do. It’s what the most successful people in the world do. 

Success in all areas of your life doesn’t happen by chance. 

If you want to be happier – my wish for you all is that you pick up a copy of this book and start training your mind as hard as you do your body. Your body needs it as much as your heart. 

My gift to you this week is that you are all 10% happier after reading this book. In my next post I’ll be sharing a life long dream that I share with my children was made a reality during the course of this week. It never wouldn’t have happened had I continued to be fast asleep to my life. 

Time to wake up. Stay away. And be happy again! For an infinite period of time. Till death do us part. 

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