When I was 21 I discovered Bhuddaism and fell in love with the philosophy to care for all things. As a result I tatooed this journey on my ankle as a permanent reminder of life, love and to always care. 

With my head in the clouds… I embarked on a day full of optimism and inspiration. What unfolded… poetic justice! 

It’s a day of work.  My head is in the clouds.

I have to get up early and sacrifice my sleep for the commitment of a better life through my effort and thinking.

My head is in the clouds. 

I help a little old lady figure out where she is going. It’s my blessing to what will soon be the past. It’s my honor to her sacrifice and her legacy. 

My head is in the clouds.

I see a stranger and he catches my eye. The stranger has a zest and passion for a life unknown and it makes me wonder. 

My head is in the clouds. 

I board the plane with a calm like never before. I’ve discovered HeadSpace. 

My head is in the clouds.

I board the plane last. I’m ok with coming in last. I don’t care for first place, but it would be nice… just nice! 
My head is in the clouds.

I watch the social networks and I reflect. I reflect on a world I am missing out on. I reflect on a world I have not been invited to. I reflect on a world I am not a part of. 

My head is in the clouds. 

I’m at peace. I’m happy. I’m smiling. I’m whole. I’m blessed. I’ve created life. I’ve given birth. I’ve done it all. Anything else is a bonus from above and for that I am forever grateful. 

My head is in the clouds. 

You read this because you care. You read this because you look for honesty. You read this for inspiration.

You have just blessed me. You have just given yourself a great gift. You’ve given me a gift. Thank you. Thank you.

My head is in the clouds. 

I watched the movie SING with the life I gave birth to. 
I’m still standing. You just made a way. I’m still standing better then I ever did! Looking like A true survivor. Better than I ever did. A true survivor without you on my mind. 

I’m still standing! Better than I ever did! Looking like a true survivor. Like a little kid. Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind! I’m still standing. Yeah yeah yeah! I’m still standing!! 

My head is in the clouds. 

I see Instagram. I see Twitter. I see Facebook. I see LinkedIn. I see YouTube.

I like it all. It’s my blessing.

I’ve seen it all. I really have. It’s made me stronger.

I’m not alone. I have you. You’re my love. You’re my friend. You’re my family. You care about me. You love me. I’m whole. 

My head is in the clouds.

I see the stranger. We connect. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to make the world a better place. It’s his passion! It can be mine to. WAIT! It is my passion! It’s what I live for! It’s my legacy. 

My head is in the clouds! 

I’m late for the flight. Where to from here? I’m lost! No one to help? I’m not alone. The little ol’lady sent me a disciple! My confusion is no more and my vision is cleared. I’m on my way. I make it.

My head is in the clouds.

It’s a quick flight. A beautiful literary flight of words, clouds, air and the beautiful voice of my dearest friend Tima Reece! 

“Gone! I think I want to loose you!”

My feet have landed. I’m on African soul. I mean soil. What’s the difference? Same thing to me! 

I’m not wounded by the actions of those who don’t think or don’t care. No amount of turbulence is going to shake me. 

I’ve landed. My feet are firmly planted. Those first steps are liberating. 
I’m not alone. I’m loved. I’m accepted.

Be happy. I am. 

Be guilt free. I am. 

Don’t care. It’s obvious you don’t.

Don’t confront. It’s a shame you’re not assertive. 

My feet are on the ground. 

This world is painful enough as it is. Find what you love, who you love and choose to stay close to them. It’s ok to ignore that which doesn’t give you peace, joy and endless happiness and laughter. 
My feet are on the ground. 

I choose love. I choose laughter. I choose honour. I choose karma.

I know science. I know Karma. It’s a perfect science.

I give. I love. I do my best. I’m not perfect but I try. 

The song Hallelujah! says it all! 
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Is my head is in the clouds? 
My dearest BFF talks about resilience in a call she makes me to tell me out of the blue she loves me. I’m blessed! Thank you! 

My other dearest BFF reminds me that the imperfections in life are what make us whole! So we let other people make the errors and lousy choices we have already learnt from! They don’t care to listen or learn. 

Carb on carb are the essentials of some of our happiness! I call it a GNOCCHI moment!! My BFF… you’ll recall the call! 

We’re living our dreams! Alicia Keys! Unbreakable! When last did you hear this song!! 

Technical difficulties! LOL! That’s life I guess! Break it down…
No money. No sin. No temptation. Talk about nothing! 


True love is unbreakable! 

Happy weekend! Fill it with love! Fill it with those you love! MOST! And then share it on the social networks and shout it from the rooftops as you know all too well to do!! 

My feet are now firmly planted on the ground. What a day it’s been. 

Up in the air!

Now down and out. On the ground. Feet firmly planted on the ground. I’m loved. I’m happy. I have nothing to complain about! But a whole lot to celebrate, appreciate, recognize and be appreciative for!

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