My nearest and farthest friends, Lynn and Clinton Jansen blessed us with this beautiful plant several months ago before embarking on there third or fourth year of cruising around the world. 

And then there is dear Clare Coomer, she sits on the EXCO of the PCO and runs a fantastic eventing company with a costing model that works, Network Conferences. She gave me a beautiful Orchid which is close to six months in age! 

Let it be said that these two plants are the oldest houseplants I have ever nurtured to date! And the first set of orchids to survive my hand. I’m clearly changing! 

These two gifts have continued to give me such joy, reminded me to not only nurture those me but me too. Those take two ice blocks a week. They don’t need much, just that little goes a long way! They remind me that life is a series of cycles. Death, birth, life, beauty, brokenness and that rebirth is possible every time through forgiveness, nurture and the gift of second chances. 

As you start the week my gift and my prayer for you all this week is this:-

1. That you find “two ice blocks” this week and the time to nurture yourself. 

2. That you reap the benefits of the love and care you have sowed into others. 

3. That you gift someone else your nurturing and caring ways. 

4. That you have a week of no judgements or criticism.

5. That you are conscious to witness the beauty unfolding in every area of your life. 

And to remember that sometimes a challenge is a gift wrapped opportunity. Don’t judge the packaging. Working through every sticky part of it until it reveals its beauty to you. 

Stay blessed.