I was born and raised in Cape Town. The ice cold waters and beaches never really took my fancy. I didn’t enjoy the ice cold water on my toes and the sand hidden in places I would sometimes discover only after the second bath! It was never my idea of fun!

Give me the bush, Kirstenbosch and a great hike where the trees and flowers and fynbos are your friends! That was my heaven growing up.

But now that’s all changed. Today I became a beach bum for all the right reasons. 

To play in the sand with my kids. To chase them around endless kilometers of sand with the threat of the Indian Ocean! And to emerse my entire body into the Indian ocean to watch angel fish in there natural habit as I sit and relax in the waves with my beach bum husband.

Today I shared a first with my kids. We swam in the beautiful, pristine ocean that is Cape Vidal. We saw elephant, rhino and a host of other amazing animals on route. The Isimangaliso Wetlands park in St Lucia is the most beautiful part of South Africa… for now, for today. 

It was a dream to be able to bring my kids here on a family vacation and swim in the ocean. We didn’t want to leave, but sadly all good things must come to an end.

I highly recommend Cape Vidal and St Lucia as a great holiday destination if you love the bush and a spot of sea! You could just as easily do a whole lot of sea and a little bush! Either way you get the best of both worlds with this location!