It hasn’t even been a week yet and already we’re harshly criticizing others and determining their year. 

@CNN this morning had an insert covering her New Year’s Eve performance  which didn’t go down as well as her fans and viewers would have liked. 

So she had a bad night. So she can’t sing like she used to. 

I don’t look like I used to. I can’t run like I used to. 

Unfortunately in the entertainment, marketing and publicity industries we are publicly mocked for our work and sometimes even our life choices! We have to stand firm next to the choices we make and defend them to the death. And when we make a mistake or things don’t go as planned we have to keep on smiling, dust ourselves off, gather the strength and continue to persevere! And wear the scars proudly! 

I have a lot of respect for the work we do in these industries. It takes inner strength like most would dare dream to have. We work hard on our mental state of mind to make sure we tick the box of resilience and always make a memorable come back. Having said that though… we don’t always have what it takes to be judged positively and we’re knocked down and out in the process. It’s a painful moment to repeatedly have to go through, but because we’re still here – we’re stronger for it! 

Can we all please just give everyone a break in the new year?! Judge and criticize less. And as viewers let’s consume less of the negative and build those up who have been knocked down and publicly shamed because they’re not the same or what we’re used to. 

Yesterday is yesterday. Today is a new day. We’re not defined by our past, but rather this moment; the here and now. 

To Mariah Carey. I love your music. I haven’t seen you perform live and I haven’t followed your personal life too closely. I don’t need to. Your voice is what gives me joy and pleasure. Wishing you and Lionel Richie everything of the best for the tour you two will go on this year. If I close my eyes… your voices take me to a magical place that makes me happy. And for now I’d rather switch off the TV and avoid the lousy commentary on a night that wasn’t yours. Chin up! We all have those days and shame on everyone for being so shameful on mocking and insulting you. 

Karma has an equal science as Deepak Chopra reminds us. My wish to everyone is a happy, memorable 2017! 

And to the news broadcasters – how’s about some compassion and telling more positive news, we have kids and adults looking for inspiration – especially in the first week of a new year already riddled with terrorism, war and hatred. 

Enough already.