If you know me … you know I’d rather sweat than get into a pool on a hot summer day! My best friends know I’m keen on a full body wetsuit, we joke about the ones to your neck with a swim cap.

That’s just my level of comfort and I’m ok with it! 

But my little girl insisted she is not going to Cape Vidal’s beautiful beach unless I wear a swim suit, get wet and swim with her in the pool at her grandparents place. Needless to say I didn’t pack a swimsuit for obvious reasons. Was not high on the priority list and honestly I just forgot!! 

So I went to Woolworths and got me a two piece! Conservative enough to get wet. Again, just how I am! But if you knew me twelve years ago you’d be confused – I was anything but conservative. I have kids now. I don’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb!! 

So I swam. And my little girl lost her first tooth! From Mariah Carey to this… it’s been a day of firsts for the new year and one I am happy about! 

I started reading Tim Ferriss’ book called Tools of the Titans! Great read thus far. It got me to think twice about the pool and the benefits of an ice cold swim on a hot or cold day as well as the benefits it would  bring me.

I highly recommend the read as well as a cold dip in a cold pool on a hot or cold day!! 

Time to dry off and crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate! Why not?!

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