Nine days after President De Klerk announced the imminent release of Nelson Mandela, he emerged from Victor Verster Prison and spoke these words that continue to remain relevant today as we look to the future and the start of a brand new year, a brand new decade and a brand new story for South Africa.

Our struggle has reached a decisive moment. We call on our people to seize this moment, so that the process toward democracy is rapid and uninterrupted.

Even though he is not around to teach us, he continues to lead us as a people and a nation looking for hope and the strength to persevere, succeed and to do so well.

Will you seize the moments you are blessed with in 2017?! I certainly will commit my future to a lot more carpe diem!

We have waited too long for our freedom. We can no longer wait. Now is the time to intensify the struggle on all fronts. To relax efforts now would be a mistake which generations to come will not be able to forgive.

Those before me struggled in pain, some didn’t survive the struggle to give me a life worth dreaming about. I want to give my kids a life worth dreaming about and that means not sitting on the fence watching life pass by, but rather to engage with Life and make it a conversation worth recording and capturing.

I don’t see myself relaxing my efforts… 2016 was filled with literary inspiration – I want 2017 to be filled with action-oriented inspiration. I don’t only want to think and feel. I want TO DO so that the generations to come will not need to forgive me, but rather thank me for my voice and for my hand of change.

The sight of freedom is looming on the horizon should encourage us to redouble our efforts. It is only through disciplined mass action that our victory can be assured.”

We should call on everyone to join us and stand together in shaping our new South Africa.”

“The free movement is a political home for you, too.”

Our march toward freedom is irreversible.

There is no looking back. Only looking forward.

We need to do this to remain present. To remain conscious. To remain strong. To remain focused.

2017 will be a year of true greatness. Stand firm with me on this one. Fight to the bitter end. Never give up on 2017. Let it be the year you shine, we shine.

To all my friends and family, thank you for a memorable 2016! Thank you for the love, friendship, care and support you blessed the five of us with! May we continue to grow closer together as the days move on and find new ways to spread more of the love and friendship we enjoy with each other in abundance.

Special thanks to my parents, the authors of my life. Keith, Sybil, Andre, Debbie, Tony & Iris.

Lets welcome the new year in as we say farewell to a year wrapped up in opportunities! The meaning of life really is defined in the pleasure of giving!

HELLO 2017! I’m not scared of you.