I’m a woman who loves a good story! A story with heart, compassion, recognition, bravery and courage. I love brand’s who can make us feel all those warm, fuzzy and comforting emotions we enjoy so much.

Who would have thought that truck drivers could do just that? But they do. They do so much more.

I have started to wonder if we as South African’s are conscious to our own lives!? It was only after having been exposed to truck drivers and what they go through that I realised and developed such an appreciation for the role this industry plays in my life. It has truly been one of the greatest journey’s of self discovery for me. A true conscious awakening.

I experienced what inspiration looks and feels like! Wayne Rautenbach and Paul Dangerfield are citizens who live to serve an industry often ignored and contribute everything they’ve got to support our fleet owners and their assets. Well done guys!

Seeing this competition in it’s second year gives me such joy! Yet another life has been positively changed forever. I am so often reminded of Mavis Vilakazi, wife of 2015 winner Themba Vilakazi and the emotion and pride she felt with her family for her husband. May this initiative continue to change the lives of those who come into contact with it  and ultimately make using our roads s safer journey of discovery and destination stops!

Regent Highway Heroes is a story you want to follow and a belief you want to subscribe to. Remember to say Thank You and give them a high five!

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