I bought the book Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch several years ago, shortly after it’s release, for my father’s 50th birthday. The book was never read. In my oh so wise youth, I actually had the audacity to leave a note inside the book that said “Papa, at 50 I think that perhaps it’s time for a conversation with God! I love you. Happy birthday!” My father is an old school, traditional and formal introverted guy with at most times a stuff upper lip but that’s because he is thinking up some kind of corporate wisdom that will rock you to the core! He is amazing like that! Best business mentor in my experience.

I wondered the last few days and also felt saddened by the fact that this gift was never appreciated. But as I wrote this piece and remember how I was at 20 years old… Typical comment for me to make… Such arrogance on my part telling a 50 year old it’s time for a conversation with God!

I had just been saved. And for a while was on a holier than though mission… It didn’t last long and before I knew it the wild child in me was active and I made severe mistakes and lousy choices which costed me more than the average amount of time spent on my academics and getting my career to where it is now.

I often feel irritated by those memories, but in the same breathe celebrate them because it is in spite of all of my bad choices and experiences that I am the person I am today.

Perhaps the intention was not for my father to read the book… But for me to read the book?

As I reflect on my life, friendships, career and who I have become the first fourteen yellow and aged pages have impacted every fibre of my being and brought me that much closer in my longing to deepen my faith and knowing God. I often find myself having conversations with God the way it is written in this book and to hear the thoughts, see them as pictures – it has brought me much needed peace for the failed relationships and given me renewed strength and excitement for all the things yet to become.

There have been few books in the last decade that have gripped my soul like this. I select books based on the impact my soul is needing so it’s no surprise that I find books by Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Gary Zukov and Zig Ziglar on the top of my recommended reading list and rereading list!!

It’s 4am… And as a working mother there is little time to read, little time to just to think. I am fast finding that it is in these quiet moments alone that I grow the most, like me the most and can think – there is much to be said for the peace and quiet and the sound of your own breathe.

Create some magic in your soul by giving yourself some quiet time. The one choice you will not regret, but look forward to and celebrate!!

Excuse the typos. I’m not perfect, but perfectly flawed and I like me for me.

Do you?