Days like this I have respect for the working woman.

Days like this my heart feels torn out my chest as the ice cold wind of minus degrees cuts my face and the many I see outside my BMW window. Days like this I am ashamed of my car, my clothes, my ring, my everything.

Days like this I admire single parents with sick children and a full time job.

Day like this I can relate to the workaholic, the control freak who only wants to succeed, but can’t because her mind and body are not in agreement with one another.

Days like this I feel weak.
Days like this I see my blessings.
Days like this I am thankful for.

Because it’s days like this that give you time to think, reflect, appreciate and to become aware of all that surrounds and defines who you are in this one moment.

To those who are suffering with an illness, disappointed they can’t make everyone happy at work, overwhelmed with emotion seeing their kids in pain – just remember that this too shall pass.

But while you are in this moment feeling like I do at times… Close your eyes. Listen to your thoughts. Daydream and heal what is torn, broken and defeated!

Tomorrow is new day!