Watching the #oscartrial lawyers gives new meaning to work ethic and hard work! Their attention to detail, their analytic ability is admirable! We can all learn a great deal in watching them to their job and how focused they are ‘in the job’. Makes me wonder how much more successful we can all be if we had that much focus and attention to our work and how satisfying taking that much pride in our work could feel.

There are a multitude of lessons we can learn from watching this trial… Some people say they are not interested… For very valid reasons… For me it’s not about the sensationalism but about watching people do there jobs.

I don’t have an opinion either way, but will be interested in the judgement made based on the performance of the lawyers and their presentation and analysis of the facts presented.

For the lawyers it’s not so much about victory but about showcasing the truth and letting the facts speak for themselves.

It’s an emotional time for the victims family and the accused… I can’t begin to imagine as a mother to a daughter and as a human being what emotions they must be going threw, but prayer for their continued strength through this process.