I used to love writing… in my younger days i wrote every day… my thoughts were succinct… my copy was written like prose… my dreams were for dreamers… and while I am confident i still have some of those skills… it feels very much like when you cut your nails with a blunt nail clipper… and you can’t find a nail file just to finish it off… and what you are left with are these ‘nice’ looking nails that are catching on everything and destroying many beautiful and wonderful things… so perhaps not so dramatic… there comes the blunt nail clipper impact… 

As a writter with a dream to publish… I accept that this goal will take me a little longer than i would like… determination as a key strength lends itself to keep me focused, not to mention book written by Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill! Great classics every living human soul should read. 

So why did i get so blunt? Excuse the pun?

Being a ‘single’ mom for three years with a husband that commuted home twice a month. We needed the cash and the money was in Johannesburg at the time… in fact still is… One day I will share the stories of being a ‘single’ mom with a husband that wasn’t home very often… it’s tough… but it toughens you… tough nails… weak nail clipper… = A BLUNT FINISH!

Had a second child, God gave me that one last final push so i could take the giant leap… and I moved to Johannesburg to be reunited with my husband and him with his young children.

Moved to Johannesburg!

And then my experiences with my family. It is these relationships that have made me see life the way that i do – my grandparents are the bedrock of everything i hold near and dear to who and what describes and defines the person and woman i long and aspire to be for children and the legacy i would like to leave behind to those in my life.

So today is Tuesday and already my week has started off with a resignation and limited capacity in my team. So that leaves me with more work and another opportunity to grow, use my strength, my focus and my will to succeed to be that much more focused during the next several weeks where I will undoubtedly will be tested.

I’m ready for the challenge of this week! Are you?

One door closes… really… another one does open!!