When you dream as a little girl no one tells you about the challenges you have to go through as a parent, a mother… A working mother. Gone are the days where women stayed at home and focused only on raising their children… It almost feels as though generations of women did that so that they could breed strength making it hereditary.

God really does give you enough grace and enough strength to get through each day. It’s one of those days and night where there is no sleep on the cards… How could I sleep with my three year suffering with bronchitis and my little eight month old with a fever as a result of also picking up the virus.

Where did they get it? From me… It’s so important as a mother and working mother to look after myself take my vitamins and build a strong immune system…. Why? So that I can fight off being a carrier of germs to my kids, protect them from illness and keep them safe. I woke up a week ago with a slight sore throat, I had no idea that this is what my sore throat would result in.

With one of my toughest weeks to date at the office ahead of me this week, some could argue this is all need… But other would argue this is just what I need.

The realization that my kids are my world, my first priority is a shocking reminder of what life is all about. A week ago I almost Iost my parents in a fatal accident where their car was a right off… As I watch the clock and count the minutes to my next temperature fever check – I am reminded of a God who hears prayers and a prayer chain that I have asked my family and friends activate for my children.

Your faith and prayer in times of sickness is a powerful blessing. If you need it – ask for it. If you don’t – ask for it anyway!!! We could all use some positive energy, powerful thought and faith filled prayers to make each day a last memory of happiness, life and love.

I gave to my dreams… Even though watching them suffer feels like my heart is getting pulled out of chest, I have no regrets because I am living my dream… My dream to be a mother to Molly and Patrick. Thank you God for giving birth to my dreams!!!