A Working Mum’s Minute can come at any time of the day. It’s a moment that’s cherished, inspired and most often a lesson learnt. It’s about the choices we make, the consequences we accept and the ultimate journey on route to happiness and joy. It’s in the challenges that we appreciate the bliss and it’s through the tears that one never forgets. Self awareness is a life long test we need to pass so that this life is about giving and sharing. Not taking and receiving. Being a mother, a working mother with a blog is an opportunity for me to share important lessons with both children and working professionals who have to balance life in a society that positions herself on wealth creation, self preservation and material satisfaction. I am a working mother constantly seeking balance, new skills to make me a parent that raises ‘game changers‘ and a connection to God that keeps me focused, disciplined and filled with the kind of faith that no experience can ever shake. I am a working professional passionate about leadership and looking for lessons to share with children, embody as a manager and to share with the world. Every day a leadership lesson identified and learned can make you not only a better person, but a person that can enrich the life of someone else. Remember life is about giving, not receiving.

I hope this blog gives you what you need. And if it only ever becomes a blog for my kids to read when they’re older – then my goal has still been achieved!!

Happy reading!! May your journey be inspired. May you always be teachable and live a life dedicated to giving of yourself to others.

This is both a leadership lesson and a working mums one minute blog.